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The District Health officer Tharparkar has confirmed that 29 cases of Dengue Fever detected and they were referred to other hospitals of Karachi and Hyderabad for further treatment.
On the insistence of the MPA for referring the matter to the standing committee, the minister said that why the matter should not be referred to 100 standing committees to conduct inquiry.
Stacy Bettinghouse, Brownfield Ag & News, referred by John Baker
13 other doctors in Menufiya and four in Minya were also referred to investigations for their absence during working hours across different public hospitals.
10 million euros for the activities referred to in item c)
The many guests who turn up to attend the wedding are now referred to as SPECTATORS.
Furthermore, successfully referred clients can enjoy expanded web exposure through the 100 Online Directory Listings.
Sid Fleischman, The Whipping Boy> The teacher referred to a story in the newspaper.
Fourteen percent of the Medicaid enrollees were referred to child protective services between 1999 and 2003, and 4% were the victims of physical or sexual abuse.
Nonetheless, he proceeds to assert that arsenokoites had a more specific meaning in Greco-Roman culture than we can be aware of and that "it seems to have referred to some kind of economic exploitation by means of sex, perhaps but not necessarily homosexual sex.
Ryan says, "In their carefully prepared public response they (the bishops) referred to the teaching of Gaudium et spes six times to support their own position.