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Parents and referrers completed feedback questionnaires (both closed and open questions) up to three months later.
After all, Realtors and other business referrers such as accountants, attorneys and financial planners can send a continuing stream of consumers your way.
com)-- Career Step, an online provider of career-focused education and corporate training, is teaming up with its nationwide network of referrers for the third annual donation drive for the National Military Family Association's Operation Purple[R] program.
Accountants who can refer you to their clients who are property developers - a potential referrer.
Should the referrer state that there is social services involvement, the relevant social worker will be contacted for further information.
The Company generates revenue when a user clicks on one of its highly ranked bits of media from an internet search engine, most often Google, which serves as the Company's largest referrer.
At the same time, based on his purchases, the referrer earns a piece of that cashback percent too.
The Grid Waste Referral Program is designed to reward both the referrer and the referred with a $10 incentive for the referrer and the referee.
This raises the level of service to the referrers and to tighten the partnership between referrer and radiologist.
This is the responsibility of the referrer - the social worker, solicitor and courts.
The final fairness hearing in the case, known as the Google Referrer Header Litigation, is before Judge Davaila on Friday in U.