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Again, "the good and just," throughout the book, is the expression used in referring to the self-righteous of modern times,-- those who are quite sure that they know all that is to be known concerning good and evil, and are satisfied that the values their little world of tradition has handed down to them, are destined to rule mankind as long as it lasts.
If Sir Theodore Barville puts it on that footing, the lawyers, even if they do not allow his wife to look at the report, will at least answer any discreet questions she may ask referring to it.
Vanstone began by referring to the long and intimate friendship which had existed between Miss Garth and herself.
He has come across some old manuscripts, or ancient document records, referring to this valley, and they state, according to this article he has written for the magazine, that somewhere in the valley is a wonderful city, traces of which have been found twenty to forty feet below the surface, on which great trees are growing, showing that the city was covered hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.
The head is the trope of hair, stating a part referring to the whole.
1 : to look at for information <She kept referring to her notes.
Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Paul would have been referring to and proscribing male homosexuality in general in the sense of a male lying with a male as with a woman as did Leviticus.
Doctors will likely think twice about referring to a facility that doesn't offer electronic access to images and reports via a portal.
We have the message of the Apostolic Delegate referring to a message from the Secretary of State.
If a piece of the skin is removed before the transaction, villagers still i say that "the whole thing" was traded because they're referring to the entire skin that was available at the time of the exchange.
Condo is the term used when referring to a condominium which is the ownership of a unit only, rather than the entire building.
Lincoln was referring to the cause of preserving the Union.