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- Lot 2 refers to 4 sites with total length of 1749 m located in DHR Sofia ;
'Our Father which art in heaven'-The Father refers to the pituitary gland.
ns, non-significant (P>0.05)./1LS1 and DM1, refers to tests before accelerated aging test,/2LS2 and DM2, refers to tests after accelerated aging test."
Also, it was in comparison with power production of 66.7 GWh in December 2014, of which 38.4GWh refers to Own wind production and 28.2 GWh refers to co-owned wind power.
This refers to the recent reports about the controversy surrounding the Indian Premier League cricket tournament.
A--The necessity: when something in its existence being necessary for a thing and not being separated from it so, we call it the necessity and that thing is the required, such as the sunlight appeared that the sunlight refers to the sun and sunlight is the necessity for sun.
Thus, they have tended to assume that it refers generally to any man having sex with another male.
No Piraha refers to abstract concepts or to distant places and times.
Two turtle doves refers to the Old and New Testaments
It is not so good to once again see that although the article talks about "indigenous," "aboriginal," "native" and "First Nations" people, it refers explicitly and implicitly only to First Nations people.
Cond-op refers to a property that is actually a condominium building where one condo unit is owned by a cooperative corporation, divided into residential apartments and the rest of the building is one or more commercial condo units.
All domains, in pre-k nomenclature, refers to language and literacy skills, large and small motor skills, math concepts, pre-writing and writing, reading readiness, interpersonal and social skills and self-help skills.