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Use of an independent fiduciary to determine that the refinanced loan satisfies the primary benefit requirement may be advisable.
The regulator noted that nearly 1 million loans were refinanced through HARP between January and November of last year.
The homebuyer would repay the deferred taxes when the benefited home is resold or refinanced.
They refinanced the loan in 1994 with a 15-year mortgage at 7%.
In the household survey, nearly 60 percent of those who refinanced also borrowed additional funds.
Since the start of 2012, more than 618,00o loans have been refinanced under the HARP program, which was revised last year to make it accessible to more underwater borrowers.
When Lori Allen of Reeders, Pennsylvania, refinanced her home mortgage in January, it helped solve a number of cash flow problems.
Q I refinanced my mortgage about two years ago with a seven year ARM.
Even though you may have refinanced your mortgage just a few years ago, it may now be time for you to take another look at your current mortgage once again.
a marketing research and management consulting firm in White Plains, New York, interviewed 1,500 individuals nationwide in the spring of 1996 who were making payments on a home mortgage that was either originated or refinanced between January 1991 and March 1996.