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Nearly three-quarters of the 14 percent of refinancers who had an adjustable-rate mortgage before refinancing switched to a fixed-rate loan.
Michaels' first order of business in his new job was to perform an in-depth analysis of refinancers in order to gain more insight into market trends.
com, the country's first online title insurance and closing services company, has announced it is now available to new homebuyers, mortgage refinancers, attorneys, lenders, and realtors nationwide.
Another possibility is that high-LTV borrowers are more cash constrained than regular refinancers and thus require higher rebates (negative points) at origination to help cover their closing costs.
Bruce Calabrese, president of Equitable Mortgage in Columbus, Ohio, says the hefty new premiums make "FHA too restrictive and unattractive" for most refinancers in his area, even with slightly higher loan ceilings.
Mike Harris, president of Stewart Title of Arkansas, said refinance-related policies have increased to about 30 percent of his company's policies and serial refinancers are nor uncommon.
Home buyers and mortgage refinancers are benefiting from the Treasury Department's decision to stop issuing 30-year bonds.
Our advice to would-be home buyers and refinancers now?
Just make sure you know what you are getting into before you join other refinancers at the bank door.
Chase has added 20% more loan officers to its branches over the last year to help homebuyers and refinancers take advantage of low interest rates and provide enhanced customer service.
Much to the chagrin of large numbers of home sellers and refinancers, the answer for years has been yes.