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There can be a few things that make refinancing a good option, such as a lower interest rate.
issued refinancing obligations class X-R2, A-1-R2, A-2a-R2, A-2b-R2, B-R2, C-1-R2, C-2-R2, D-R2 and E-R2 notes (collectively, the refinancing notes) and applied the net proceeds thereof to redeem the existing class A-1-R, A-2a-R, A-2b-R, B-R, C-1-R, C-2-R, D-R and E-R notes, respectively, at par (plus accrued interest) on the refinancing date of May 17, 2018.
The company said the refinancing is expected to reduce interest expense as well as extend those loans beyond their current July 2022 maturity date.
The chair of the board of Belarus' National Bank, Pavel Kallaur, said that the refinancing rate in the nation would remain steady for the time being.
Of those refinancing, 34 percent shortened their loan terms.
In 2009, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and the Department of the Treasury announced a refinancing program entitled "Home Affordable Refinance Program" (HARP).
" The ` 1.9- ` 2.1 lakh crore debt coming up for refinancing accounts for 27- 29 per cent of the banks aggregate net worth as of end 2012- 13.
Here are seven good reasons for refinancing this time of the year.
Refinancing needs for 2012 have fallen to $66 billion from $83 billion.
Mortgage refinancing is on a lot of people's mind these days (including mine).
With the banking system facing a liquidity crunch, the NRB opened the door for refinancing to ease the crisis.