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Ask William Platt--so long as he isn't a native--if he doesn't consider Clara Barnard refined.
The men, as usual, liked her artless kindness and simple refined demeanour.
In his natural system, though high-wrought and delicately refined, a sensibility to the delights of the palate was probably inherent.
It was seen in his appreciating notice of the vase of flowers, the scent of which he inhaled with a zest almost peculiar to a physical organization so refined that spiritual ingredients are moulded in with it.
Sugar industry in Indonesia includes white crystal sugar (GKP) industry and double refined sugar industry.
lt;br /><br />Refiners in China had been witnessing a weakness in refining margins due to an increase in crude prices and the government's conservative role in refined product (particularly gasoline and diesel) pricing.
The European Commission cleared, on 19 November, the acquisition of the Romanian oil refiner and distributor of refined petroleum products, Rompetrol, by KazMunaiGaz PKOP Investment NV, a Dutch subsidiary of JSC TH KazMunaiGaz (KMG), a company based in Kazakhstan.
But a serving of many foods weighs 30 to 55 grams (one to two ounces), which means "good source" foods could be as much as 85 percent refined grain.
The direct impact of the hurricanes has been measured in the temporary supply loss of refined petroleum products and natural gas.
Fadl notes that the ability to melt filings is particularly important because there is a wider spread between the cost of the filings he buys and the market price of the refined gold he sells.
A 50:50 mixture of refined coarse fraction and unrefined fines fraction of the recycled pulps can be prepared to have much higher freeness than the refined whole pulp for equivalent strength values.
Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionery, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America.