refined manners

See: decorum
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Certainly, small feet and perfectly turned shoulders aid the impression of refined manners, and the right thing said seems quite astonishingly right when it is accompanied with exquisite curves of lip and eyelid.
He found a pleasure in declaring that a courtier with the refined manners of Blandois ought to rise to the greatest distinction in any polished country.
But they are not all like the woman who now leaves him and his house behind, between whose plain dress and her refined manner there is something exceedingly inconsistent.
Now she was a modestly and poorly-dressed young girl, very young, indeed, almost like a child, with a modest and refined manner, with a candid but somewhat frightened-looking face.
They maintained their refined manners and progress despite the campaign against them and their country.
Refined manners are supposed to be the stylistic opposite of violence.
The reason for this is obvious: those who have the correct belief which leads to righteous deeds, reformed hearts and refined manners have the basic foundation that they can refer to in any event -- regardless of whether these are matters which cause joy and happiness or sorrow and dejection.
At the same time, though, Solomon said, "David always had style frequently wearing light-colored clothes and a Panama hat, displaying refined manners and the ability to attract beautiful, intelligent women.
His companions who were close to him recognized his very refined manners and spoke to him with the respect due to him.
The tough training that you have gone through is only a beginning of a more challenging career ahead, the IGP said and also urged them to refine their abilities in the eyes of persistent danger with bravery and display upright conduct, refined manners and a high sense of responsibility in public dealings.
Former Nazi officials charm her regularly with their aristocratic airs and refined manners, while the victims, many of whom have not fully recovered, are given little more than a passing mention.
Not surprisingly, it's the oil-burner that makes the most sense, thanks to a combination of gutsy performance and refined manners, but fuel economy is a bit disappointing.