refined taste

See: decorum
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She had, or might have had, many suitors in her own rank of life, but scornfully repulsed or rejected them all; for none but a gentleman could please her refined taste, and none but a rich one could satisfy her soaring ambition.
It is so very rarely that facts hit that nice medium required by our own enlightened opinions and refined taste! Perhaps you will say, "Do improve the facts a little, then; make them more accordant with those correct views which it is our privilege to possess.
"Thank you--of calling here on my road from Lincolnshire to express my regret that any cause of complaint, however strong, that I may have against a gentleman who--who is known to you and has been your host, and to whom therefore I will make no farther reference, should have prevented you, still more ladies under your escort and charge, from seeing whatever little there may be to gratify a polite and refined taste at my house, Chesney Wold."
The accomplishment of a cook is to make good dishes; of a seamstress to sew well, and of a lady to possess refined tastes, a cultivated mind, and agreeable and intellectual habits.
No: the Baron is a man of refined tastes; he dislikes needless cruelty.
Who could wonder if a man of refined tastes admired her?
Afanasy Ivanovitch was a gentleman of fifty-five years of age, artistically gifted, and of most refined tastes. He wished to marry well, and, moreover, he was a keen admirer and judge of beauty.
The workmen would lose nothing but the contemplation of our elegant persons, exquisite manners, and refined tastes. They might provide against that loss by picking out a few of us to keep for ornament's sake.
Lord, what refined tastes! You are what my wife calls intellectual.
And with their refined taste, they have created a diverse and interesting tenant mix in the mall.
If your pooch has a more refined taste when it comes to their food and looks bored at tinned offerings, you can take them for a slap up meal at a famous Newcastle pub.
TEN BKC is the culmination of exceptional skills matched with world-class elements, and a refined taste. The elaborate 35,000 sq.