refined taste

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She had, or might have had, many suitors in her own rank of life, but scornfully repulsed or rejected them all; for none but a gentleman could please her refined taste, and none but a rich one could satisfy her soaring ambition.
Thank you--of calling here on my road from Lincolnshire to express my regret that any cause of complaint, however strong, that I may have against a gentleman who--who is known to you and has been your host, and to whom therefore I will make no farther reference, should have prevented you, still more ladies under your escort and charge, from seeing whatever little there may be to gratify a polite and refined taste at my house, Chesney Wold.
The accomplishment of a cook is to make good dishes; of a seamstress to sew well, and of a lady to possess refined tastes, a cultivated mind, and agreeable and intellectual habits.
Who could wonder if a man of refined tastes admired her?
Afanasy Ivanovitch was a gentleman of fifty-five years of age, artistically gifted, and of most refined tastes.
The workmen would lose nothing but the contemplation of our elegant persons, exquisite manners, and refined tastes.
Through this perfume, we want our brand to reach every household and to be recalled as a top-quality provider of exotic products that speak of a refined taste and impeccable quality.
Unsweetened RTD teas are in high demand, as more tea fans are appreciating the refined taste of premium brewed loose-leaf teas (RTD tea that has been created from brewing tea with tea leaves as opposed to using tea extracts or concentrates, which has been the standard).
The timeless Lebanese singer Majida el Roumi will perform at the Hilton Dead Sea to an audience of a refined taste in music.
In line with Americans' increasingly cultured taste in food has come increasingly refined taste in scents, Troyak says.
So it has been re-branded as the Epicure Bar and Kitchen - an epicure is a person who cultivates a refined taste, especially in food and wine.
Concentrated perfumes are highly coveted by the connoisseurs of pure and classical oriental alchemy and continue to be associated with high social status and refined taste.