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An official who is US president Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Fed has opined that banking rules in the nation need refinements.
Professor Lewejohann conducted biological research on refinement at the University of Munster using methods from behavioral biology with different strains of mice.
Planning teams were key to the broad success of these refinement plan processes, and included neighborhood members with diverse backgrounds - homeowners, renters, business owners, social service directors and so forth.
Section 2 summarises the iFEM data structure for triangulations to assist mesh refinement and coarsening techniques in the finite volume method.
The original version though, needed improvement in terms of both refinement and cabin quality.
Tata Motors senior vice president (Programme, Planning & Project Management, Passenger Vehicles) Girish Wagh said, 'The reason is that as we stand now, refinement is a challenge and what refinement can be given on this kind of a car (Nano) won't be acceptable to the Indian customer.
Summary: This report describes the assignment of the nature and number of solvent molecules in the refinement of several solvated crystal structures without a prior knowledge of the solvent system used for crystallization for the cases when the solvent molecule cannot be properly modeled.
The principal refinement to the EHR was a reduction in alert firings.
AFS-sponsored research has begun to study and develop a new procedure for aluminum silicon metal refinement for ultra-high strength and fracture toughness.
Behind him were Jassim Ebrahim (2,720) of Refinement team in second place.
Section 4 explains our proposed refinement methodology of automatically generated keyphrases.
0 LR-V8 naturally aspirated engines, both offering a combination of supreme power and sublime refinement.