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When the California Energy Commission's Petroleum Market Advisory Committee meets in December, Consumer Watchdog will recommend that every California refiner provide state-specific profit information including per barrel profits, and overall statewide profits.
So it is increasingly dependent on costlier foreign crude imports as output in California and Alaska decline, putting California refiners at a disadvantage relative to US peers who can easily tap domestic oil.
The refiner holds about three million barrels of crude at any time, yielding a paper loss of around $48 million under this price scenario.
The tax break, commonly known as "deemed duty" will take effect from January 1, 2016, on the condition that refiners have fulfilled their commitment to set up hydrodesulfurizer at their plants, Asim Hussain, advisor to the Prime Minister on energy matters, said March 5.
When put directly into the melt in a reverberatory furnace, the grain refiner should be added into the dip well, rather than at the charging door with the charge material.
Under those types of arrangements, the stations can either be supplied directly by the refiner or can purchase gas from a branded "jobber"--an intermediary that delivers gas from the rack to the retail location.
If Iran gets its way, fresh deals to Asia's refiners would mean more oil revenues to cushion the impact of possible sanctions by the European Union and others.
The matchplate molder was traditionally a medium volume operation, used specifically for ni-hard refiner plate production.
The objective of this study was to optimize a process of refiner mechanical pulp (RMP) from kenaf for newsprint production.
The operator only needs to observe the shape of the curve, and if undercooling is present, add more grain refiner.