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Restoring furniture is a major undertaking, even for experienced refinishers.
The center will become the key training destination for refinishers from the Western Australian region, focusing on the use of Axalta's refinish and industrial products to help maximize refinishers' skill-sets and keep them up-to-date with latest technology and techniques.
Mazar Hussain was denied an apprenticeship at accident repair firm Smart Refinishers because of his race, a tribunal ruled.
But when he went to Smart Refinishers in Dyce, Aberdeen, he was told there was no job and none would be coming up.
This tool set is a great problem-solver for contractors, homeowners, furniture refinishers and anyone else with a serious job to tackle--making this the perfect item to cross-sell in paint, stain, tool or outdoor departments.
It is designed to be a welcoming facility where refinishers from Nordic countries can enhance their skills using the latest products and equipment in a modern environment.