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It was confirmed yesterday that the Government are working on a plan to save the Royal Yacht from the scrapyard and refit her with private money, extending her life for another 20 years.
Mr Syvret said: "This is a very big moment in the history of the cluster contract to begin a refit of this size, complexity and magnitude.
Part of the refit involved installation of equipment for Klub-S (3M54E1 anti-ship and 3M14E land attack) cruise missiles and over ten Indian and foreign-made systems including the Ushus hydro-acoustic (sonar) system and CSS-MK-2 radio communications system.
The reFIT system is comprised of lightweight, safe, easy-to-handle high R-Value vertically interlocking insulation panels that are drywall ready with easy-to-attach wall clips and adjustable shims.
The last four of the ten vessels were handed over to the Bahrain Coast Guard officials on Wednesday at the ADSB yard at Musaffa marking the successful completion of the refit work within the contract period.
Barry Woolley, head of the integrated operations team at BVT Surfrace Fleet, which managed the refit, said: "The paint is permanently shedding micron-thin layers of paint, reducing the friction of the ship as it goes through the sea.
Described as one of the biggest refit programmes by a food retailer in a single year, the Co-op said its target of 700 stores was met with the recent overhaul of a shop in Croydon.
One of Tyneside's best loved naval ships is ready for action again after completing a pounds 20m refit.
The tiles, dating back to 1890 and denoting a traditional butcher's shop, are to be ripped out in a modernisation refit at Gosnay's of Saltburn.
IF you want to see around Endeavour you can either take a tour before or after her refit - or both.