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It aims to open between 50 and 60 in 2013 and refit 200 to 300, compared with 118 refits in 2012.
Summary: ABU DHABI u Abu Dhabi Ship Building, or ADSB, has completed the refit of ten patrol boats for Bahrain Coast Guard, crossing an important milestone in the initiatives of the capital emirate to host the major naval shipyard in the C Arabian Gulf.
The tiles, dating back to 1890 and denoting a traditional butcher's shop, are to be ripped out in a modernisation refit at Gosnay's of Saltburn.
Alldays' Movie Nights video rental business is being rolled out to existing Co-operative Group and Balfour stores undergoing refits.
Their jobs will go next year when the Fife yard completes its final submarine refit.
Now the need to switch the refits to the US is going to cost taxpayers even more - with at least pounds 500 million going down the drain.
The Tories yesterday called for an investigation by the Auditor General into a proposed multi-million pound refit of a submarine which will be taken out of service just four years later.
The refit programme will now be accelerated from three to six refits per week.
Refits like the Spartan and sister ship HMS Sceptre were originally planned for Devonport.
Sales director Alun Williams said all Millennium refits in future would be to intermediate or comprehensive level as entry level was not high enough.
The most recent refits were at Leith and Uddingston.
He said 280,000 [pounds sterling] had been allocated to refits taking place in the next eight weeks.