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As expected, the revenue procedure provides an automatic procedure for certain taxpayers to change to either the retail safe harbor method or to a self-developed method that clearly reflects income.
The steepness of the drop this time mainly reflects the unusual weakness in several components of income out of which the propensity to consume is high.
446(b) and in articulating the appropriate standards for determining whether the cash method clearly reflects income.
This difference reflects the rise of about 350 percent last year in loss provisions on loans to foreign addressees.
For information related to Reflect Scientific, contact Investor Relations: Michael Dancy, 801-746-3570, email: medancy@allwest.
Reflect Scientific provides products for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries and has had consistent year-over-year growth for more than 13 years.
Eric Pierson will be joining the Reflect Scientific team to head up the Catpro initiative," remarked Kim Boyce, president, Reflect Scientific, who added that "Mr.