reflect again

See: reconsider
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We recently read an academic article titled, "Why Clients Fail at Retirement," that caused us to reflect again on the many dimensions of the client/advisor relationship.
Commenting on the poems, which will be read by both Simon and surviving relatives, a BBC spokesman, said: "This film offers an opportunity to reflect again on that catastrophic loss of life and to think about how we commemorate the dead for the next 100 years.
The couple were together again in Normandy last Friday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, an event which made me reflect again on what Blaise Pascal (a Christian philosopher who would appeal to Ms Petkovic) called the absurdity of war.
The most important thing is to motivate the players to get their ambitions right, to reflect again on what the club has achieved in the last six years and we need to keep this route to success.
Lean down now, creel of starlight and moon, and reflect again your
arrive, we'll reflect again on all the change, and how much different Oregon looks than a few weeks and years ago.
He pauses to reflect again, and adds: "It's fun being me at the moment.
1) We have been asked to reflect again on our experience in staying on that road.
Under the leadership of Board Chair and Nobel laureate Dudley Herschbach, the organization determined that after nearly 9 decades it was time to reflect again on how we can serve our mission even more effectively.
I reflect again as we've lost forces in Iraq today - for the families this is always a terrible time, a time of great grief and anguish.
And the Archdiocese of Toronto might reflect again on why the National Catholic Broadcasting Council pays this channel three-quarters of a million dollars every year for showing the daily Mass on TV.
We will say words that we have said hundreds of times before; but ladies and gentlemen, on this Flag Day I'd like you to reflect again on the meaning of these words.