reflect again

See: reconsider
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In this complex scenario, it may be useful to reflect again on the metaphor of the net, which was the basis of the Internet to begin with, to rediscover its positive potential.
It was a really special evening and made me reflect again on how blessed I am to work for an organisation that creates these special moments.
She may reflect again on the fact there will be no agreement in the absence of a comprehensive and enduring backstop.
As the rain continues to pound and relief and emergency services are tested to their limits, it is time to reflect again about our priorities.
Two months ago, I took time to reflect again. My life certainly isn't as exciting as it was five years ago.
If you don't believe me, reflect again upon the widening gap, between the S&P 500 and annual VA sales, noted earlier.
First, let's reflect again on the fact that the loud people who run this country because their supporters show up to the polls and keep the pressure on, are a minority.
He said, 'I think I would like to reflect again on the question as to whether we should decide whether the Oireachtas and future members of the Oireachtas would be able to do an inquiry like this to the extent that would be warranted and whether it should be considered if whether we should have a future referendum again on that matter.
We recently read an academic article titled, "Why Clients Fail at Retirement," that caused us to reflect again on the many dimensions of the client/advisor relationship.
and the same expertise seems to reflect again in the success of MC4a.
To borrow the lines of a song, he was "killing [us] softly with his song, telling [our] whole life with his words." Yes, let us take time to reflect again and really listen to his message.
Commenting on the poems, which will be read by both Simon and surviving relatives, a BBC spokesman, said: "This film offers an opportunity to reflect again on that catastrophic loss of life and to think about how we commemorate the dead for the next 100 years."