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In part reflecting earlier credit losses, banks continued to be cautious lenders through the first half of 1991.
banks picked up to a moderate rate, reflecting mainly stronger expansion of bank holdings of securities (table 2).
3M was honored for an innovative solution to controlling cabin heat through the use of a non-metallic, colorless multilayer solar reflecting film.
However, syndicates whose stand-alone expected operating performance, supported by the quality of their business position, is consistent with an A (Excellent) or higher rating level may be able to earn a Best's Syndicate Rating reflecting the syndicate's specific strengths.
2 percent over the previous year, reflecting continued gains in audience share and an increased share of revenue in a soft advertising market.
Cash used for investing activities was $164,818,000 as compared with the 1993 total of $103,811,000, reflecting mainly an increase in spending for business acquisitions.