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2 percent over the previous year, reflecting continued gains in audience share and an increased share of revenue in a soft advertising market.
Network TEN's reported revenue for the period was up approximately 21 percent over the prior year, reflecting increased advertising demand and the absence of competition from the Olympic Games held during this period in 1996.
Cash used for investing activities was $164,818,000 as compared with the 1993 total of $103,811,000, reflecting mainly an increase in spending for business acquisitions.
Reflecting the Federal Reserve's policy actions and generally weak credit demands, short-term interest rates declined appreciably during the first half of the year.
In part reflecting earlier credit losses, banks continued to be cautious lenders through the first half of 1991.
banks picked up to a moderate rate, reflecting mainly stronger expansion of bank holdings of securities (table 2).
However, the composition of growth shifted away from commercial and toward residential mortgages, likely reflecting a deterioration in commercial real estate markets, the shrinking role of thrifts in residential mortgage markets, regulatory pressures, and the relatively more favorable treatment of residential mortgages under impending risk-based capital guidelines.
3M was honored for an innovative solution to controlling cabin heat through the use of a non-metallic, colorless multilayer solar reflecting film.
The heart of 3M solar reflecting film technology is a special film placed within a five-layer laminate consisting of glass/polyvinyl butyral (PVB)/3M solar reflecting film/polyvinyl butyral (PVB)/glass.
Usage of models by underwriters is high, reflecting a corporate philosophy at Euclidian that differs from many other Lloyd's syndicates.