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Weston's communications furnished Emma with more food for unpleasant reflection, by increasing her esteem and compassion, and her sense of past injustice towards Miss Fairfax.
Dashwood had been informed by her husband of the solemn promise on the part of his son in their favour, which gave comfort to his last earthly reflections.
And a further reason for caution, in this respect, might be drawn from the reflection that we are not always sure that those who advocate the truth are influenced by purer principles than their antagonists.
It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government.
I am speaking of the EQUALITY of sides, and it does not need much reflection to see that the whole of the social life in Flatland rests upon the fundamental fact that Nature wills all Figures to have their sides equal.
It was a natural reflection for Orestes to make, 'So I too must die at the altar like my sister.
That is just the essence of every sort of consciousness and reflection.
What is proposed to me would be, in fact, almost an abdication, and an abdication requires reflection.
A moment's reflection, however, brought her to a truer state of mind, and then she felt it to be a duty to that dear parent herself, to renew her own strength, in order to discharge her duty to the dead.
It must indeed be a most gratefull reflection, to your exalted minds.
In the course of my journey from Churchhill I had ample leisure for reflection on the present state of our affairs, and every review has served to convince me that they require a delicacy and cautiousness of conduct to which we have hitherto been too little attentive.
PRAISE is the reflection of virtue; but it is as the glass or body, which giveth the reflection.