reflex action

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Maybe it's a reflex action stirred by memories of sitting in a boring chemistry class and watching a "bad boy" ping your pal's bra strap.
'What Philip did was a reflex action, just acting on instinct.
It is little consolation that a cough is our body's natural reflex action whenever a foreign object gets lodged in our throat or lungs.
"When you win a race it is a reflex action for a jockey to celebrate.
Norelco focused on its new Reflex Action shavers, as as its other men's razor lines.
Prosecutor Alison Jordan said Perrott described the bite as "a reflex action", but that when interviewed by police: "She was aware she had assaulted him in anger".
But Darren's bravery was fuelled by a simple reflex action to help an innocent and injured child.
Not a breath of criticism from Ferdinand's manager, just the usual reflex action of blaming the authorities.
``It was a reflex action,I suppose,'' said Capt Duffy, who served for 29 years with the Royal Signal Corps, and has been an honorary Yeoman bodyguard for two-and-a-half years.
Caamano said the blow had been a reflex action intended for Contreras' thigh because he had stood on the whistler's foot as he approached to challenge the red card.
Coughing is a reflex action designed to protect the lungs and airways.