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URINARY INCONTINENCE: A MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE II-20 Types of Urinary Incontinence II-20 Stress Incontinence II-20 Urge Incontinence II-20 Overflow Incontinence II-20 Reflex Incontinence II-20 Functional Incontinence II-21 Transient Incontinence II-21 Treatment Modalities for Urinary Incontinence II-21 Bladder Control Products and Incontinence Management II-21 Bladder Control Products II-21 Female Incontinence and Bladder Control Products II-22 Bladder Control Products and Male Incontinence II-22 Incontinence Management Techniques II-22 Bladder Training II-22 Catheterization II-22 Moisture Alarms II-23 Electrical Stimulation II-23 Surgical Treatment II-23 7.