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The two reflexes occur automatically as a result of signals from the brainstem, an evolutionarily older part of the brain.
The purpose of this paper is to present the impact of reflexes of the orofacial area on the development of alimentary functions and, consequently, the development of the child's speech.
The FPR and Moro reflexes are unique among the reflexes in that they have emotional components through reactions to sensory stimulation and because they play such an important role in establishing our sense of security in the world.
The increased resistance to passive movement in a spastic limb can be caused by of nonreflex changes like contracture as well as reflexive changes like hyperactive reflexes [13-14].
Several studies have demonstrated that spinal stretch reflexes are modified by physical activity.
Startle reflexes have evolved as fast defensive (usually escape) responses in animals, engaging subcortical reflex mechanism that bypasses cerebral processing and voluntary movement.
First we established appropriate procedures for testing fish reflexes by determining consistent reflexes for testing; we established the effect of repeated reflex testing in control fish to test whether cod were distressed by the testing procedure; we determined the recovery time after exposure to a stressor; and we determined the effect of disturbance from repeated netting of fish from a holding tank.
The effects of fatigue on balance (1, 8), maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) of the triceps surae muscles (3), and spinal reflexes (Hoffman reflex or H-reflex) (3, 6, 7) have been documented.
There are zones and reflexes on your feet and hands that "mirror" your entire body.
We report a case of West Nile poliomyelitis with preserved deep-tendon reflexes, diminished sensory nerve action potentials, and pathologic findings which do not localize to the anterior horn.
Acoustic immittance testing yielded a shallow tympanogram on the left, with normal reflexes and no decay of the acoustic stapedial reflex.