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With this capability, Reflexion partners can now consolidate all of their Reflexion offerings to the Cloud on VAR Dynamics' powerful, stable platform, and VAR Dynamics' partners can quickly deploy the most effective email security, archiving and encryption services in the industry.
Solution providers now can turn to Reflexion for unified billing and support for email security, email archiving, eDiscovery and Web security, reducing vendor management and simplifying internal operations.
Quite a number of our members are loyal Reflexion partners, and we have received many testimonials about the quality of their services and technical support," said Jerry Koutavas, President of The ASCII Group.
Introduced in 2005, the Applied Reflexion LK Ecmp system eliminates traditional CMP slurries by using an electric charge to remove bulk copper from the wafer at high throughput, cutting chipmakers' operating costs.
The Applied Reflexion LK Ecmp system achieves all of these challenging goals while improving throughput up to 25 percent and reducing operating cost up to 30 percent compared to conventional copper polishing systems.
Glimmerglass, Brilliance and REFLEXION are trademarks of Glimmerglass Networks, Inc.
Prior to the Reflexion LK system's vapor drying technology, single-wafer post-CMP cleaners generally used a spin-rinse-dry (SRD) process for drying wafers.
The Reflexion LK joins our formidable lineup of copper/low k processing technologies for 65nm and below manufacturing, which also includes our recently-announced SlimCell(TM) ECP (electrochemical plating) system.
Emmanuel Arene, director of operations at Soitec, said, "We have qualified the Reflexion CMP system and process for 300mm production.