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Because large (75%) amount of blood is in the venous system so this effect predominates, and there is a decrease in right sided filling pressure and hence the intracardiac stretch receptors reflexly decrease heart rate16.
The increase in heart rate (HR) that occurs during physical exercise is the outcome of a coordinated neural adjustment system that produces reflexly a decrease in cardiac vagal activity and an increase in cardiac sympathetic activity (17).
Stimulation of group III and IV muscle afferents reflexly decreases total pulmonary resistance in dogs.
6] Stimulation of pulmonary stretch receptors due to maximum inflation of the lungs reflexly relaxes smooth muscles of larynx and tracheo-bronchial tree which modulates the caliber of airways and reduces airway resistance.
Pre-exercise sympathetic nerve activity in the supine position with elevated legs, expressed through lower ln LF, found in the present study, was probably reflexly suppressed by arterial baroreceptors.
They are all counting on us to respond reflexly, often on just one issue of great emotional, rather than rational, appeal.