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any difference between the actuarial value of the qualified interest and the actuarial value of the reformable interest does not exceed 5% of the actuarial value of the reformable interest, and --in the case of a charitable remainder interest, the non-remainder interest (before and after the qualified reformation) terminates at the same time, and the changes are effective as of the date of the decedent's death.
The Concord prison soon became crowded, however, and in 1884, the legislature ordered its conversion from a state prison to a reformatory; it sent those prisoners considered less reformable back to the Charlestown prison, which then remained in operation until 1955.
House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Archer doesn't believe in tax "reform," he says, because the current system isn't reformable.
Exos is the only thermoformable bracing system, offering a waterproof, removable, adjustable and reformable solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring stabilization.
the distinctions to be made between the types of authority claimed by the teacher and his intention of binding his hearers; the distinctions to be made between the "theological qualifications" of the truths proposed (dogma, common teaching, irreformable truths, reformable truths which still demand a conditional assent etc.
The final case concerning human rights violations in China is also the last test of whether (Chinese) Communism is reformable.
Reformable Silicone Provides Product Designers With High Degree of Design Flexibility; On Display Now at MD&M West 2008
transcendental Thomism), while the dominant methodology of apriorism has hindered the formation of a viable and reformable metaphysic.
Recognizing the patriarchal and androcentric bias of the tradition, the revisionist categorizes this distortion as historical and not theological, and, thus, reformable by inquiry and reinterpretation.
Cardinal Ratzinger quotes favorably from Congar without a problem, although he probably holds a different notion of what constitutes the human and reformable in the Church and what has been divinely ordained.
If papal definitions were of themselves reformable, they would remain provisional until confirmed by the other bishops.