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A noncharitable life tenancy not expressed in a fixed dollar amount or fixed percentage is not reformable un less a judicial reformation proceeding is commenced within 90 days of the estate tax return (ETR) filing deadline (including extensions) if an ETR filing is required, or the trust's first income tax return filing deadline if no ETR filing is required (the 90-day deadline).
Si Ton transpose ce raisonnement en droit quebecois et que l'on conclut que l'interpretation de clauses contractuelles est une question de fait, une erreur hypothetique commise en premiere instance ne sera reformable que si elle est manifeste et determinante.
This finding is in coordination with the opinion of Zimmerman and Kitsantas (1997) that claims self-regulated learners show a tendency for attributing success to competency and failure into reformable and unstable causes.
Section 2055(e)(3)(B) defines a qualified reformation as a reformable interest that can be converted into a qualified interest through a change in the governing instrument by reformation, amendment, construction, and so on.
Solamente se puede legislar sobre lo que es reformable y una norma juridica que se concibe con la conviccion previa de su imposible realizacion deviene demagogia o letra muerta.
68) I use the difference between the essential and the nonessential to refer to a distinction that Congar conceives of as a contrast between the church's irreformable structure and its reformable life expressed in various historical forms and conceptions.
El tiempo presente pasa a ser un tiempo siempre mejorable, reformable o superable, ya que la historia avanza en la direccion adecuada, aquella guiada por un desarrollo cientifico-tecnologico liberador de las remoras y prejuicios caracteristicos de las sucesivas etapas historicas precedentes.
Unlike most progressive economic theorists, Upton does not believe our current economic ideas, particularly the money system are reformable.
While the philosophical materialism that underlay communism was also a prominent (tough not invariable) feature of liberalism, the latter seemed to be reformable, not only as an ideology of individual autonomy and secularism (with optional anticlerical and even antireligious tendencies), but also in its practical expressions in the economic realm, in the form of capitalism, and in the political realm, in the form of democracy.
Mounier (1947/1992) ha explicado ampliamente en que sentido el caracter es reformable.
Despite its inherited mistakes, Rohan believed the empire was not only reformable but also the precondition for maintaining unity in Europe's heartland.
Este es un proceso de cambio de enfoque que es necesario para poder llevar a cabo las nuevas articulaciones Estado-Mercado que requiere la globalizacion neoliberal; para ello era preciso tambien sustituir la idea del Estado irreformable por la del el Estado reformable (Santos, 1999; 2005).