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The genre seems to have emerged from the American tradition of optimism but has also drawn on Reformational Christianity, the Puritan work ethic, health awareness, the rise of psychology, American etiquette and business culture.
Anglicanism, he said, is characterized by its biblical foundation and its Reformational and liturgical heritage, as well as its pastoral ethos, rational temper and commitment to episcopal leadership.
But present-day Christianity perhaps is terrified instead about the fact that everything that the spokesmen of its theology put out as revelation, according to the original Christian and reformational understanding of the term, has been set forth by a philosopher devoid of mythologizing, that is to say, exactly and profanely.
Parts of it appear in my booklet Liberation Themes in Reformational Perspective (Dordt College Press, 1989).
Goheen, Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview, 2d ed.
For those who are interested in building a new foundation for the task of integrating faith and reason, and who want to avoid the pitfalls of fundamentalism and liberalism, I would recommend getting started by reading Reformational Theology: A New Paradigm for Doing Dogmatics by Prof.
On the surface, L'Evangile et l'Eglise reversed this balance by foregrounding the refutation of Harnack and downplaying any theological and reformational implications of the book.