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Rudolf found that working wives and mothers are generally more pleased with the reformative measures than their male counterparts.
Dolgov highlighted the reformative measures and decisions taken by the Syrian leadership in various fields, noting that his latest visit to some of the Syrian cities last August made him certain that the crisis in Syria is not an economic or a social one.
She pointed out that the improving women's conditions will remain a joint day-to-day achievement emanating from an enlightened reformative mind and a deep-rooted modernising reality.
Watkins has listed eight career transitions, devoting a chapter to each phase, the obstacles you are likely to face and the reformative steps that can help you triumph.
Ashfaq, producer of the play, told the Statesman that he had received offers from private channels in both countries but he would like PTV to sponsor it because he had used its talent and even the playwright who had been writing plays on various social themes for the television since long and also the play being reformative would cast very positive impact on the youth.
These programs fall into three distinct categories: activity-focused, reformative and reintegration.
The LR skill set, as defined by Rosenbaum (1990), falls along three dimensions: reformative self-control, redressive self-control, and perceived self-efficacy for coping.
Subsequently, if the chasm between the arts and the sciences, which was first addressed and enunciated by Snow in 1959, is to be bridged by reform-oriented approaches such as mathematics literature integration, one must delve the many fissures within the subculture of mathematics; the gulf between educators who actively promote change and those who accept and maintain the status quo within their mathematics classrooms, the gulf between traditional and reformative mathematics, and the gulf between approaches and beliefs relevant to mathematics literature integration.
IN these times of soft sentences, human rights of the prisoner being cited, and prisons more akin to a holiday camp than a punitive and reformative measure, I am not surprised that failed Sudanese asylum seeker Waleed Ali would rather reside in Holme House Prison than Fulbeck House.
This integration is most obviously present in the subsections referencing "The Ecumenical and Reformative Appeal," and "The Gospel of," each of the three trajectories.
He argues that deep-seated social problems cannot be legislated against, but rather, need to be confronted with socio-economic reformative programs.
Cross-strait dialogue formally commenced in early 1990s when China began implementing reformative policies and opening to the outside world.