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This was only three years after three Dutch spectacle-makers had brought out the first working refracting telescopes. Though Galileo is often credited with the invention, he merely perfected it, and then only within the confines of 17th century technology.
This book introduces you to the amazing stories behind some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time, and each chapter has easy-to-follow instructions for hands-on experiments (how to construct a stethoscope, how to make a wet compass, how to build a simple refracting telescope).
He was about to scrap the 30inch-wide refracting telescope until a chance encounter at an astronomical meeting saved the day.
Redevelopment of the observatory will also signal a return to use of the rare refracting telescope.
The SWIR mirror does double duty by periodically directing light from either of the two calibration lamps into the SWIR's fixed, refracting telescope.
The Observatory houses the seventh largest refracting telescope in the world.
The first telescope that Galileo used was a refracting telescope, making use of lenses only.
The Yerkes Observatory's 40-inch refracting telescope, then the largest of its type in the world, was completed in 1897.
Originally built a century ago to house a 12-inch refracting telescope, its wooden, copper-sheathed dome, starting in the late 1970s, had to cover a much larger reflecting telescope.
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He started stargazing at the age of nine when his Granddad Don gave him a one-inch Tasco refracting telescope and consequently he fell in love with the moon.