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In 1897 Clark, the discoverer of Sirius's dim companion (see 1844), supervised the construction of a refracting telescope with a lens 40 inches across.
Originally built a century ago to house a 12-inch refracting telescope, its wooden, copper-sheathed dome, starting in the late 1970s, had to cover a much larger reflecting telescope.
With construction to get underway in the coming months and a scheduled opening for later this year, the one-of-a-kind facility will house a 30-inch reflecting telescope, a 16-inch reflecting telescope, two 12-inch reflecting telescopes and a 4-inch refracting telescope.
38), the photograph of William Huggins seated with a refracting telescope caught my eye.
Groups of curious people peered through the refracting telescope set up on the steps of the Burj Khalifa.
Telescope makers both amateur and professional may be interested in a new refracting telescope concept I have evolved over two years of intensive research.
Aldrich, who graduated from Worcester Academy and Brown, became interested in astronomy after the Class of 1897 gave the academy a refracting telescope in 1907.
Members of the public will be able to book sessions on the observatory's 28-inch refracting telescope on selected nights.
The eyepiece of a refracting telescope is a magnifier.
Since 1977, when I joined the astronomy group of the Physics Association in Frankfurt, Germany, I have been privileged to show the wonders of the universe to visitors at the group's historic observatory with an old, 8-inch refracting telescope.