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In his sermon, he advised Muslims to refrain from speaking behind other Muslims' back.
We should refrain from observing Valentine's Day as it has no connection with our culture," the president stated adding that blind following of western traditions will lead to a degradation of "our values", just as it has led to several problems including an increase in attacks against women in a neighbouring country.
New Delhi: Reliance Jio on Wednesday denied having launched any JioCoin application and advised people to refrain from dealing with any such apps.
The Uzbek nationals are recommended to refrain from passenger bus and private car travels to Kazakhstan's northern, central and eastern regions.
There are many reasons that make it necessary to refrain from using cryptocurrencies, Zeybekci noted.
New Delhi (Gujarat) [India], December 8 ( ANI ): The Congress party on Friday instructed all its spokespersons to refrain from commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi or his public addresses.
As per guidance from the Armed Forces of the Philippines , we refrain from making comments on the latest developments in the main battle area of Marawi at this time; as ongoing operations may be jeopardized, as well as the lives of the remaining hostages, or soldiers in the frontlines,' Abella said in a statement.
The rulers will not refrain from hampering and influencing JIT process despite SC severe reprimand.
The United States support freedom of assembly and expression in Pakistan but all parties should refrain from violence and respect the rule of law, a the State Department Spokesman said.
Stop it: 6 Refrain from sex, drink lots of water and see your doctor as soon as possible for treatment.
LARNACA municipal council wants a signed declaration from mayor Andreas Louroudjiatis saying he will refrain from his duties until investigations against him are over, his deputy Petros Christodoulou said.
We urge North Korea to refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions and instead focus on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments," he added.