refrain from action

See: forbear
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"Taiwan reiterates its sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and urges all parties to refrain from action that could escalate tensions in the region.'
The agreement also binds parties 'to exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities that could complicate or escalate disputes' as well as 'refrain from action of inhabiting on the presently uninhabited islands, reefs, shores and other features.'
ae1/4oeAll parties are encouraged to refrain from action that will create more tension in an already volatile environment,ae1/4Ci it said, urging the Palestinians and Israel ae1/4oeto resume final status negotiations in order for the two nations to live side-by-side, in peace, and within secure and recognized borders.ae1/4Ci
IT IS not possible for human beings to refrain from action. Action results in Karma, which in turn necessitates rebirths to enjoy it.
When a conflict occurs, the first step is to refrain from action. Children often act impulsively before accurately assessing the entire situation.
"We ask all supporters to refrain from action detrimental to the club and to report incidents of which they are aware."
The chairman of Attanzil Islamic foundation and chief imam of Allahu Waheed central mosque, Lotogbe, Ondo, Alhaji Abdrafiu Ajiboye Lagbaaji has urged political parties and their candidates to refrain from action that may incite violence among their followers.
He urged Hamas, the Islamic movement which runs Gaza, to refrain from action that would cause the conflict to worsen.
( In a statement announcing the decision , Starmer asserted that the CPS decided to refrain from action against Thomas because he intended the message to be humorous, he did not intend it to be seen as widely as it was and later expressed remorse for the tweet.
The two sides agreed to respect each other's sovereignty, refrain from actions that destabilise the other's territory, and resume cross-border activities as soon as possible.
Various diplomats briefing journalists on the proceedings of the closed-door meeting said that UNSC members urged India and Pakistan to refrain from actions that would exacerbate tensions in the region.
Government must take opposition along and refrain from actions that could harm unity.