refrain from punishing

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Authorities are also urged to refrain from punishing military personnel and civilians who participated in peaceful demonstrations.
We again call on the Israeli authorities to refrain from punishing individuals for offences they themselves have not personally committed.
At the Gevena meeting, Putin's Foreign Minister assured his counterparts from the US, the EU and Ukraine that his government would refrain from punishing Kiev further by getting the south-eastern parts of the country to prepare for secession.
MADA wants to emphasize the problems must be solved through dialogue, and the two parties must refrain from punishing journalists and media organizations in the differences between them, so MADA calls for: A[cedilla] All relevant parties (in particular, the Fatah and Hamas movements) to stop all actions that would aggravate the situation further and create a strained media environment.
The government should also refrain from punishing victims, and should significantly improve the protective services offered to them, including medical, psychological, and repatriation assistance.
North Korea should be asked to abandon its claims on escapees and to refrain from punishing their family members who remain in North Korea.
Fifth, the instructor increasingly attempts to refrain from punishing students for exploring religious topics.
The United States should refrain from punishing the United Nations and concentrate on maximizing the collective strength of its democratic members.
Secular authorities would not refrain from punishing detractors of Jews or from offering Jews shelter in times of social upheaval.
Libya should refrain from punishing victims of trafficking for acts committed as a result of their being trafficked and should significantly improve the protective services offered to them, including providing repatriation aid and alternatives to deportation to countries where they may face retribution.