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the building to refrain from using their buildings whose completion certificates has not yet been issued from the CDA.
The new operating company has now issued instructions to all its employees to refrain from using the term Saher in external or internal reports, the source at the Saudi Company for Comprehensive Technical and Safety Control, Ltd.
He said that factory owners should make arrangements for safe fuel and refrain from using substandard fuel in their factories.
80 a week is good value for money (a moot point) then surely they should refrain from using the phrase "free to air".
The victim's father asked the group to refrain from using such language.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- EU Affairs Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkyr has said he expects the US will refrain from using the term "genocide" to describe the 1915 mass killings of Ottoman Armenians on April 24, the centenary of the commemoration.
In a statement today, he urged all political forces and social society segments to commit to national consensus, reason and wisdom and refrain from using force to foil any attempts to subvert their country's security and stability and plunge Yemen in the cauldron of sectarian internecine strife.
The ministry also called on the US government to refrain from using "abusive language" inappropriate for a global power and from implementing sanctions that "only lead to failure and enmity between peoples and their governments".
Refrain from using misleading titles or pictures unrelated to content
Until then, it asked banks to refrain from using the currency or authorising its use.
Police officials urged the public to refrain from using private vehicles as public transport, adding that this phenomenon requires a major solution in order to maintain public safety and security.
The Pakistani academia, media and stakeholders must now refrain from using a century old British colonial narrative; the tribal people of FATA do not want any change in their free life style.