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The international community should introspect and see what's happening in the occupied territory and persuade rulers to refrain from using force he added.
After US intelligence organizations recommended the country's citizens to refrain from using Huawei telephones manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, Lithuanian institutions held talks with Telia telecommunications company on the safety of its network.
The ministry has urged consumers to refrain from using the product and contact the company to do the necessary.
They advised the women refrain from using new brands for make up without proper consultation, as for the sake of new experiences we sometime put our skin in risk.
President Donald Trump is likely to refrain from using provocative language to address North Korea's nuclear and missile threats in his first State of the Union address this week, according to a senior U.
Morata released a statement through the team almost immediately after the game, imploring his fans to refrain from using that song.
Allow me to suggest that we should refrain from using the now popular acronym: Con-ass because mischievous minded people might be tempted to deride the efforts as run by asses or mules, rather than, by our respective representatives in both Houses of Congress,' he said.
Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci has called on citizens to refrain from using cryptocurrencies, the Economy Ministry said in a message Jan.
Consumers who have bought the abovementioned toy should immediately refrain from using it and return it to the outlet from which it was purchased.
I hope that politicians, climate scientists, government spokesmen and women, the BBC, Green Party supporters, spin doctors and others of that ilk will promise to refrain from using the following phrases in 2018: "Lessons have been learned", "It is not a figure we recognise", "The best emission reduction targets in the world", "It's all Westminster's fault", "Scotland leads the world", "Save the planet", "Eliminate fossil fuels", "We'll set up a committee", "Extreme weather", "Catastrophic climate change", "Global warming", "Rising sea levels", "Scotland will generate 100 per cent of electricity from renewables", "Police Scotland are a success story".
The public should cooperate in this situation and refrain from using compressors, he added.
In order to avoid causing a fire accidentally, people are asked to refrain from using tools for welding or cutting metals in open spaces.