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But in all refrainings of anger, it is the best remedy to win time; and to make a man's self believe, that the opportunity of his revenge is not yet come, but that he foresees a time for it; and so to still himself in the meantime, and reserve it.
Jreissati called for refraining from stabbing the Taef Accord and for rectifying instead the course of constitutional work.
Nasr City Misdemeanour Court sentenced on Monday Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim to two years in prison for refraining from carrying out a court verdict.
Khuza'i denies refraining endorsement of death punishments BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Vice-President Khudhair al-Khuza'i denied refraining the endorsement of death penalties against "the terrorists", as reported by his office here today.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Arabic word for fasting, sawm, literally means "to refrain" and refers not only to refraining from food and drink but from bad acts, thoughts and words.
BEIRUT: The Army and the Ehden nature reserve in the north issued separate statements Wednesday asking the public to take precautionary measures during this year's fire season that include refraining from smoking nargileh in the wild.
The parties' refraining from such unilateral practices about issues which should be discussed under negotiations for final status, is of great importance," it said.
Refraining Nuclear De-Alert: Decreasing the Operational Readiness of U.
With many investors refraining from active bond trading, there is a lack of direction in the long-term interest rate, traders said.
Reports from a sample of California high school students suggest that over time, teenagers increasingly feel negative social or emotional consequences of refraining from sexual activity, and their experiences of positive consequences diminish.
Each method is easy to internalize and use, such as the importance of limiting excessive verbosity used to communicate when a child is naughty (an estimated "one word per year of life" sentence structure is recommended when communicating parental displeasure), the giving an immediate consequence for unacceptable behavior, refraining from yelling at children, and refraining from giving warnings, which only reinforce the idea that obedience is not required the first time a child is given an instruction.
Players acknowledge refraining from swearing to be an unusual request, and Butler says he is not sure if major leaguers would be willing to refrain from cussing.