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He said that more private schools will follow, given the Ministry of Education's committee on increasing fees of private schools' refrainment from listening to demands by the committee, stressing that the problem seems more explicit at girl's school, where the required Saudization quota is close to 100 percent compared to boys' schools.
NNA - Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ghazi Aridi, underscored the importance of national dialogue among all Lebanese and on all levels, indicating that amidst the refrainment of certain political camp from attending parliamentary sessions and dialogue, "we see the current local ambience growing more critical.
TURKPA selected as its primary goals the principles of independence; sovereignty; territorial and state boundaries integrity; legal equity; mutual respect grounded on the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of each other; strengthening of political and economic security of the countries on the grounds of refrainment from threat or use of force or economic or any other pressure; growth of national prosperity by means of full and rational use of natural resources; endeavour to the new progress in the sphere of parliamentary diplomacy, establishment of new relations and development of the existing ones with parliaments and other international organizations of the countries in the region and all over the world.