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LARNACA municipal council wants a signed declaration from mayor Andreas Louroudjiatis saying he will refrain from his duties until investigations against him are over, his deputy Petros Christodoulou said.
To refrain respects the usefulness of dwelling in misgiving and hesitation without always reaching for resolution, however difficult and humbling that pausing may be.
Kim expressed his willingness to return to the six-way talks without preconditions and refrain from conducting nuclear tests in his meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the outskirts of the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude Wednesday.
But the book is much more than merely worthy of note: Golcmovic's many years of research enable him to deal with a hugely important topic--the meaning, context and realization of the refrain in Balkan song--in magisterial fashion.
According to Ali, ghazals possess the former potential because their refrains create a purely formal or even merely verbal unity among couplets that are otherwise self-contained and discrete.
Recurrent throughout Poetry and Music, and the subject of several of its chapters, is the central importance of refrains in the construction and development of French narrative and song in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, with the eventual establishment of formes fixes identified as the logical outcome of formal experiments in which the refrain was always fundamental.
Many of these refrains, furthermore, are identifiable as dance refrains.
Among Catholics in North America, few refrains are more common than the lament over the lack of vocations to the priesthood.
He remembers the problem-solving skills that his counselors have been teaching for the past week and refrains from immediate action (step 1).
Normally the refrains occur periodically in poem 61:
Refrains are found in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and are common in preliterate tribal chants.
Goldman's trial presentation focused upon the applicable rent control provisions which not only require the tenant to refrain from engaging in conduct whereby the tenant commits a nuisance, but also refrains from conduct which facilitates and thereby permits a nuisance.