refresh the memory

See: remind
References in classic literature ?
It gives, in some particulars, a survey of nearly the whole field of African discovery, and in this way will often serve to refresh the memory of the reader.
So let's refresh the memory on Subaru's latest high-impact weapon.
Just to refresh the memory, I would mention of Rosa Parks whose defiance against racial segregation boosted the rights campaign in the US, terrorists attacks on 9/11 changed the world forever, assassination of Austrian prince Ferdinand by a Serb initiated the World War I, Pearl Harbor attack forced the US to join the allied forces in World War II, death of Tarek Al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi sparked the Arab Spring.
To refresh the memory, last year's event featured the racing debuts of subsequent Irish Derby finalists Rockchase Bullet and Rockview Head, Oaks winner Droopys Twirl, Champion Stakes Plate winner Meadow Bank Owl, Laurels winner Razldazl Rioga and ECC Timber Open 550 winner Royal Patrol.
Because I haven't been to Liverpool in such a long time, I'm going to do some songs from past albums to refresh the memory, for the people who have been fans for a while and for people who might not know that much about us.