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The evening was now becoming dark, when a Jewish servant entered the apartment, and placed upon the table two silver lamps, fed with perfumed oil; the richest wines, and the most delicate refreshments, were at the same time displayed by another Israelitish domestic on a small ebony table, inlaid with silver; for, in the interior of their houses, the Jews refused themselves no expensive indulgences.
D'Artagnan rushed toward the refreshment room, the three Musketeers and the two Guards following him.
Miss Tilney, understanding in part her friend's curiosity to see the house, soon revived the subject; and her father being, contrary to Catherine's expectations, unprovided with any pretence for further delay, beyond that of stopping five minutes to order refreshments to be in the room by their return, was at last ready to escort them.
Saladin treated two of the prisoners with princely courtesy, and ordered refreshments to be set before them.
He reflected and turned his steps towards the little refreshment shed that stood near the end of the ruined bridge.
You will find that the attendant has light refreshments on board, sir, if you should be wanting anything," the station-master announced.
I have ordered tea in the garden," Wingrave said, as the two servants left the room; "that is, unless you prefer any other sort of refreshment.
I could count the foot passengers now by twos and threes; and I could see the places of public refreshment within my view beginning already to close for the night.
You will want some refreshment after our long journey," said the polite Town Mouse, and took his friend into the grand dining-room.
503: And the author of the "Aegimius", whether he is Hesiod or Cercops of Miletus (says): `There, some day, shall be my place of refreshment, O leader of the people.
said she; 'if you wait a minute, he will be sure to come; for he has business at L-' (that was our market-town), 'and will require a little refreshment before he goes.
The raven hopped gravely out, and perching on his shoulder and addressing himself to Mr Haredale, cried--as a hint, perhaps, that some temperate refreshment would be acceptable--'Polly put the ket-tle on, we'll all have tea