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The Mars Refuel Drink Fund was created to help people overcome the financial barriers and to play sport for longer by offering pounds 500 awards to teams and individuals.
The automaker is offering a choice of USD5,000 cash back, or USD3,000 cash back and a Let's Refuel America gas card on the Dodge Ram.
So consumers for whom the opportunity cost of the time it takes to refuel (and/or distaste for refueling) is less than $0.
The military didn't accomplish an air-to-air refueling until 1923, when the Army Air Service, predecessor to the Air Force, used a hose to refuel one aircraft from another.
Refuel is Digipower's line of power accessories, including various GoPro power packs, rechargeable power banks and more.
recently announced it has received an order from a "major European-based automaker" for a transportable 10,000-pounds-per-square-inch (psi) hydrogen refueling system, which "will be used to refuel fuel cell vehicles operating with Quantum's 10,000-psi hydrogen fuel systems.
Cobham has been awarded a contract by the Bell-Boeing Joint Project Office to develop a palletized aerial refuelling system to give the the US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft the ability refuel other aircraft while inflight.