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A second F/A-18 is acting as the aircraft being refueled.
The pilot of the aircraft to be refueled must then fly in formation, driving the fuel probe of his aircraft into the basket.
The Super Hornet successfully refueled an F-14 Tomcat for the first time on March 11 with Lt.
gallons) of fuel will be transferred per minute via the boom to the aircraft being refueled in flight.
The zinc/air fuel cell powered cart achieved the same ground speed as a lead-acid battery-operated cart; refueled in about ten minutes compared to lead-acid batteries' eight hours; and was able to cover 25 percent more distance than when powered with lead-acid batteries.
Browns Ferry Unit 3 was shut down while employees refueled the reactor and performed maintenance and equipment upgrades.
In finishing the outage nearly two weeks ahead of schedule, workers refueled the reactor by changing one-third of the 241 fuel assemblies, performed thousands of tests, completed corrective and preventive maintenance on hundreds of components and inspected the unit's two steam generators.