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A cargo deck above the refueling system can accommodate a mix load of passengers, patients and cargo.
This is the second agreement concluded between Gazpromneft-Aero and airBaltic concerning refueling at MAH.
LeMay was such a staunch proponent of air refueling that he declared, "If you gave us money for jet airplanes, I would buy tankers, not airplanes for MATS [Military Air transport Service, ancestor of Air Mobility Command].
A typical KC-135 mid-air refueling crew relies on teamwork to get the job done, with the boom operator serving as the eyes and ears for the pilot.
An operator initiates the refueling process with a push of a button on a control unit several hundred feet away.
The main opposition Liberal Democratic Party pledged in the election to support Japanese refueling operations off Somalia.
This letter formally transmits the briefing in response to Congressional May 2009 request requiring GAO to provide the Subcommittee an assessment of the information in the Air Force update and any recommendations regarding the fee-for-service air refueling pilot program that may be appropriate.
The Autonomous Airborne Refueling Demonstration system used GPS-based relative navigation, coupled with an optical tracker, to provide the precise positioning required to put a refueling probe into the center of a 32-inch basket dangling in the air stream behind the jet refueling tanker.
These flight tests confirm the viability of our technology for aerial refueling drogue stabilization and tanker-relative navigation, including in a GPS-denied scenario," said Stuart Mullan, president, Military Business for GE Aviation Systems.
Modernizing infrastructure at Omsk Refuelling Complex will make it possible to offer refueling services in compliance with the best international practices and up-to-date standards for efficiency and safety.
The primary mission of the Marine Hercules is to conduct aerial refueling.