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A refugia is a place where organisms can survive because they are protected in some way from the surrounding inhospitable environment; climate change has rendered the earth one such "flaming wreck." Quietly political, the book's poems explore the impact of global warming, devoting particular attention to the rapid death of conifer trees and to the wildfires that plague northern New Mexico, poet Kyce Bello's home.
In most phylogeographic studies, the latitude was the dominant dimension that was taken into account during refugia analysis.
We will then use our models to project the consequences of future climatic changes for species, to the year 2100, and determine the degree to which refugia coincide with the locations of existing protected areas in Britain.
The native Great Lakes fauna recognized today originated in multiple glacial refugia from the Atlantic Coast to Beringia.
The term population "in refugia" refers to worms on a pasture that have not been treated with a worming drug.
The phylogeographic patterns revealed in these data suggest the importance of glacial refugia in generating current patterns of genetic relatedness.
Furthermore, the samples all from Southwest China in the GX group may be an example of 'refuge within refugia' in glacial period.
While climate change may make it impossible to maintain historic conditions in many national parks, Beissinger thinks the parks still can play an important role as refugia: places where species can survive in the face of a changing environment.
The young go into captivity at San Marcos ARC where they are held in refugia as a guard against potential harm that could come in the wild.
To reduce anthelmintic usage and support the maintain populations in refugia, targeted selective treatments (TST) have been proposed which should help to conserve the genes that responsible for the sensitivity to anthelmintics within parasite populations and will lead to delay the development of drug-resistant in worm populations [6].One of the best examples of a TST indicator is FAMACHA[C] proposed by Dr.
Local bluegrass band Tookany Creek will play from 1-4 pm in the main vendor lot, and free kids' crafts will be provided by The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, Refugia, and Nest Chestnut Hill.
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