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The exhibition--curated in London by Sally Brown, in New York by Christine Nelson --will contribute handsomely to the refulgence of this both legendary and all-too-human figure.
Corns sums up the cultural aspirations and achievement of the king in the years before the outbreak of civil war in all three of his kingdoms: "Charles promoted and stimulated a court culture that projected regal splendour with a refulgence unmatched in English history.
Besides the fact that Flaminio portrays the Dawn's conveyance as "dewy" (roscidas) rather than "frosty" (pruinoso), this is an altogether more engaging portrait of the goddess as the embodiment of refulgence, and it seems to be a direct reply to Ovid.
A glass goblet is plunged ups ide down into a glass ice-bucket: glass with all its refulgence, within glass; also brightly contained by, and shadowily containing, the ice-water.
Who could forget his recent triumph in New York, when, in 1992, vastly amplifying a Guggenheim installation of 1971, he transformed Frank Lloyd Wright's rotunda into a neo-Gothic chapel in which a sky-bound column of immaterial pink light was surrounded by a spiraling refulgence splendid enough to provide a setting for his wedding, on June 25?
George Bush departed for Rio, his plan "to save the world's forests" in hand, and to lend added refulgence to his flight NASA scientists announced that damage to the richest forests of the United States compares unfavorably with what is going on in Brazil.
The 8-1 chance led from start to finish under the stands rail and had plenty to spare as he passed the post a length and a half clear of Refulgence.
Michele Pertusi may have lacked Pape's vocal refulgence and conventional sex appeal, but he had his own kind of coarser, more authentically Latin charm, and was far more convincingly the plebeian underdog with a simmering longing for liberta.
The refulgence shines upon and into the creature, and is reflected back to the luminary.