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While you may save slightly more by refurbishing your existing furniture, it's often not appropriate due to the displacement of your workers while you tear down and refurbish your existing cubicles.
We are established in Iraq at Camp Anaconda to refurbish Case equipment in partnership with the prime contractor, JLG," Thompson said.
NJ-NAIOP and its Community Action Committee have a distinguished history of developing plans and designs to build and refurbish playgrounds in several New Jersey urban areas.
Barcelona will continue to open up and refurbish the waterfront', says Juan Carlos Monteil, senior planner at Infrastructures Llevant, an operation management company of the Barcelona municipality.
The only difference here is that unlike Gobol, they do not refurbish these devices themselves.
Districts sometimes refurbish computers in-house, but more likely they secure them from outside agencies that sell or donate the units to schools.