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Contract: Harthill village hall, toilet block refurbishment
5 million refurbishment aimed at improving its corporate hospitality, meetings and events space.
Along with a slew of new real estate projects, refurbishment of existing structures has also gained prominence - still considered as one of the most challenging tasks in the construction industry.
CENTRE North East, the tallest building in Middlesbrough, is undergoing further refurbishment by its landlord Commercial Estates Group.
THE Dusit Thani Dubai will begin the refurbishment of its guest rooms as part of a major project which will see the hotel adding defined luxury and convenience for their guests.
2005) Multi-variant design and multiple criteria analysis of building refurbishments, Energy and Buildings, 37(4), pp.
A full interior and exterior refurbishment of the 15,000 sq ft building has taken place and a restaurant will be added.
Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery is undergoing a refurbishment which will close some of its main displays.
The money for the refurbishments didn't come from Irish Defence Force funds.
This study was undertaken to determine the extent to which budgetary, cost accounting, and other management issues that contributed to problems with the first refurbishment have been adequately addressed.