refusal of bail

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"Grant of bail or refusal of bail is complete discretion of the court, but if the manner, in which, an accused is granted bail, which raises finger against the judiciary," Kumar stated in the order, quoting the report published in a national newspaper.
Following the refusal of bail, a team of anti-corruption watchdog accompanied by police personnel had reached the residence of PPP co-chairman and arrested him.
In his ruling on 16th May 2017, Justice Fadau said, 'the issue of bias arises as a result of judicial rulings delivered by this court on the grounds of the application brought by the defence counsel for lack of jurisdiction by the EFCC to initiate any criminal matter before this court and the refusal of bail.
The prosecution had sought for either a refusal of bail as the charges against Najib involved 'non-bailable offences' where bail is not automatically granted as of right, or for a RM5 million bail with additional conditions to restrict Najib's public appearances and statements.
"The matters raised by the applicants in their affidavit for refusal of bail are matters of judicial," Waweru said.
'Heinousness of offence or embezzlement of huge amount[s] would not be a good ground for refusal of bail on the ground of non-conclusion of the case [within] statutory period,' the judges observed.
There was no charge before the court for being unlawfully at large and the judge also said being homeless was not a reason for refusal of bail.
The great row at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, India, took a very serious turn with the refusal of bail to Kanhaiya Kumar, the student leader who sparked the protests ("Haryana on the boil as violence spreads", Gulf News, February 21).
This judgment has rectified the anomaly by declaring that the order relating to the grant or refusal of bail before the conclusion of case as encompassed within the definition of the word proceedings.
The legislative directive invariably includes mandatory refusal of bail in certain offences and the Judiciary is left with the discretion to determine the grant or refusal of bail in other cases with the primary objectives of promoting the due process of law and securing the presence of the accused or arrestee before the jurisdiction and judgment of the court.
Gerry Sydenham, prosecuting, applied for the remand in custody citing four grounds for the refusal of bail.
Edward Fitzgerald QC, appearing for the pilot, said at a recent two-day hearing that led to yesterday's ruling there was "not a shred of evidence" linking him with the terrorists, and the refusal of bail was "a real injustice" for which he was now entitled to compensation.