refusal to accept

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"I don't know, of course, how far your wife's family are aware of what people say about--well, about Madame Olenska's refusal to accept her husband's latest offer."
It was this reply that lay on the table--a brief, formal note, setting forth Miss Boyd's absolute refusal to accept any portion of the money.
China's refusal to accept a third party investigation of the sinking of a Filipino fishing boat in the West Philippine Sea on June 9 was 'expected,' Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said Tuesday.
'Investigations showed one of the personnel had issued the orignal summons of running the red light against Ng but as Ng refused to accept it, the personnel proceeded to issue a second summons for his refusal to accept the first,' explained Hasron.
He said that Pakistan's refusal to accept its citizens deported from the US is not new.
'Upon my refusal to accept their request, two agents working for the petitioners warned me that Njama Wambugu was determined to drag my name through the mud...' Njiraini said.
He said Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan's pride and government's refusal to accept medical board's recommendation over his brother's health condition reflects government's unethical behavior.
PESHAWAR -- Chief of Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan Thursday expressed his astonishment over Indian refusal to accept Pakistan's peace offer.
The penalty is believed to be the first ever issued in China for refusal to accept cash.
Shortly after his death at 94, HaMusach, a literary journal hosted on the Israel National Library's website, published an interview of Gouri by Anat Sharon-Blais and Shiri Lev-Ari that focused on his refusal to accept a prize for "Zionist works of art." In the interview, a lightly edited version of which appears below, as translated by Lonnie Monka, Gouri oscillates strongly between criticisms of contemporary Israel and its politics and his unflinching pride in being a Zionist: "I was born a Zionist, all my life I fought as Zionist, and I will die a Zionist."
I believe that Brexit is a 20th century problem because it started in the late 20th century and continues today in our refusal to accept the S I System of Units, even though we have been technically using metric weights and measures since 1970, coins for example.
He added that almost one million Libyans were forced to migrate to Tunisia from the war there, in addition to an incident of a rescue of a stranded boat carrying migrants on the shores of Tunisia which was left unattended for more than 14 days due to EU country's refusal to accept them.