refusal to answer

See: demurrer
References in classic literature ?
I need not point out to you that your refusal to answer will prejudice your case considerably in any future proceedings which may arise.
"We have to establish the record of her refusal to answer the questions so that she can be compelled to do it.
McGee's refusal to answer questions and on plaintiff's alleged spoliation of evidence.
Based on my refusal to answer questions, district court judge Hilton ordered me held in contempt until the grand jury ended.
Given the "historical common-law approach in construing accessory after the fact liability" to which the state continues to adhere, the SJC concluded that the refusal to answer a police officer's questions or provide requested information alone cannot constitute "aid" or "assistance" under G.L.c.
His refusal to answer questions about his role as FAI chief and the unorthodox loan of [euro]100,000 was a two-finger salute to our political system and the Irish public.
Labour leaders are right to argue it would be wrong fly him into Donald Trump's hands, but they must not whitewash Assange's refusal to answer serious sexual allegations.
We determined that MNG's proposal undervalues the company and is not credible or actionable, particularly given MNG's failure to produce committed financing and its persistent refusal to answer basic questions regarding how it would overcome likely antitrust and pension issues, among other important matters.
According to him, in case of refusal to answer the questions, respondents will bear personally responsible in accordance with legislation of Kyrgyzstan.
Summary: Her refusal to answer him only seemed to encourage him further.
Embattled Housing Minister Phil Twyfords refusal to answer questions about why the Head of KiwiBuild Stephen Barclay is out of the office shows that the programme continues to be in a state of disorganisation and chaos, Nationals Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.
'Kasi the committee has ruled and has cited him for contempt for non-cooperation and refusal to answer questions coming from the members of the committee,' he continued.