refusal to answer

See: demurrer
References in classic literature ?
I need not point out to you that your refusal to answer will prejudice your case considerably in any future proceedings which may arise.
But he still tried to blame lawyers for his refusal to answer questions at a fatal accident inquiry earlier this year.
The Obama administration Department of Justice (DOJ) continues in its refusal to answer critical questions about the $9 billion settlement with French banking giant BNP Paribas (BNP) reached in June of last year.
Police have visited him for advice on how to prevent cases like his - despite his refusal to answer their questions three times when they were investigating the complaints he was jailed for.
His imprisonment is the end of a 13-month long trial, an outcome of his refusal to answer to a reserve call in 2011, after the end of his 15-month obligatory military service in 2010.
If this occurs, you have the right to refuse to answer and you cannot be disciplined for a refusal to answer questions without union representation.
Many Western leaders have expressed their support of the Syrian National Coalition, condemning the Assad regime for its use of deadly force against civilians and refusal to answer to the will of the people.
Although prepared to admit a considerable depth of feeling for Diane, his recollections of the past are deliberately sketchy, marked by generalizations and a conscious refusal to answer Sarah's pointed questions.
Which is why Kirklees Council's initial refusal to answer the Examiner's questions on whether Longley School and Lydgate School at New Mill were facing change, creates unnecessary unease.
Eleven years on Bjorn remains without a Major and, as his refusal to answer questions about that Open all those years ago might seem to indicate, is ready to bunker his sandy sorrow once and for all.
Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett called Cameron's refusal to answer questions about Crosby's visits "downright hypocrisy".
Nigeria's media officer Ben Alaiya told BBC Sport: "Shola's refusal to answer calls gave coach Stephen Keshi no other option than to allow him to concentrate on his club.