refusal to believe

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Appearing to be just a fellow traveler, Jesus asked them: "What were you talking about amongst yourselves on the way?." He then allowed them to unburden themselves of their disillusion, their disenchantment, and their refusal to believe the holy women who testified that Jesus had really risen from the dead and was very much alive.
Following the initial announcement by Turkish sources of Khashoggi's killing, she tweeted in Arabic her refusal to believe that is the case.
Between strong condemnation, the refusal to believe Khashoggi was brutally murdered and expressing support for him from family and friends, most online opinion all shared sympathy and express condolences.
There is a refusal to believe the violence is as prolific as it is and the environment is incredibly stressful to work in."
Bannon, Trumps chief strategist, who left the White House in the summer and reassumed control of Breitbart News, described a Washington that had been humbled by Moores refusal to quit the race, and by Republicans refusal to believe the mainstream media.
We can all choose our favorite examples of America's increasing difficulty in agreeing about evidence: the disdain for science among climate change skeptics; the refusal to believe allegations about people we like, and the eagerness to denounce those we don't like.
* In Paranoid Science: The Christian Right's War on Reality (NYU Press, 256 pp), Antony Alumkal examines the Religious Right's embrace of pseudo-scientific ideas such as creationism and gay conversion therapy, as well as its opposition to stem-cell research and its refusal to believe in climate change.
There was an unwillingness to accept the idea that aids was caused by a pathogen transmitted during sex and a refusal to believe that the appearance of aids was related to the change in the number and nature of their sexual encounters.
However, Chad's refusal to believe in the curse could come back to haunt him when Abigail calls him with upsetting news on the Monday, May 15 episode of "Days of Our Lives."
In his refusal to believe science, he said "global warming is a myth" and thinks that smoking isn't harmful to health because only one-third of smokers die from a smoking-related illness.
In response to the artist's refusal to believe that the sculptures were made purely out of incense, Perciyal politely asserted their authenticity, to no avail.
As usual, either huli sa balita or nagmamang maangan si VP Binay (VP Binay does not keep up on news or is just playing dumb) in his refusal to believe that because of CCT, almost 1.5 CCT families or over 7.7 million Filipinos have been lifted out of poverty.