refusal to comply

See: mutiny
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1990 -- The Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) ministerial council condemned Iraq's refusal to comply with UN resolutions and called for withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait.
Local refusal to comply with ICE detainers has become a public safety problem in many communities and a mission crisis for ICE that demands immediate attention," reads Vaughan's opening statement.
We sent a letter to the committee, but we received no response and then upon our refusal to comply, they sent a threatening letter, saying that we face being fined and having our rights over the specific beach revoked," he said, not rule out seeking legal recourse.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Prosecutors' refusal to comply with a court ruling to release Samanyolu Broadcasting Group President Hidayet Karaca and 62 police officers still in detention has cast a revealing light on the malfunctioning state of the justice system in Turkey.
We are pleased that Sylmord's efforts to avoid the consequences of its refusal to comply with its legal obligations to Inteco Beteiligungs have now come to an end.
refusal to comply with international resolutions in order to salvage
Gerard issued the following statement after the Obama Administration announced that it would challenge China s refusal to comply with its WTO obligations regarding grain-oriented, flat-rolled electrical steel (GOES).
Applicant's refusal to repay her financial obligations, willful refusal to comply with state and federal law, and failure to provide full and complete candor in her application for admission call into serious question her judgment and ability to serve as an officer of our courts.
Iran's IAEA envoy, who is also the head of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) group of nations at the UN nuclear agency, Friday noted that Israel's refusal to comply with the international law poses a security concern for the countries of the Middle-East, and also censured western countries for turning a blind eye to the Zionist regime's nuclear capabilities.
This hasn't been a wilful refusal to comply, it's based quite simply on economics," Mr Williams said.
The club are furious at The Green Brigade's actions, which also involved overcrowding, a refusal to comply with stewards, mock fighting and body surfing.