refusal to comply

See: mutiny
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He also argues that President Buhari stands in contempt of law and court for his brazen refusal to comply with the judgement of the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal and prayed the court to grant an interim injunction restraining the president from inaugurating the confirmed ministers-designate pending the determination of the motion on notice.
In its conclusions, the Council expressed its sincere concern regarding the ongoing illegal natural gas drilling activities by Turkey, and condemned the county's refusal to comply with the EU's multiple calls for a termination of these activities.
Their refusal to comply shall be penalized for an administrative fine not exceeding P100,000.00 per day until the violation is corrected counted from the date the employer or contractor is notified of the violation or the date the compliance order is duly served on the employer.
Instead, Pelosi foreshadowed a long-game strategy of Congress confronting a White House she suggested is all but goading her with its refusal to comply with oversight demands.
WASHINGTON -- The US House Judiciary Committee votes on a resolution accusing Attorney General William Barr of contempt for refusal to comply with a subpoena for the full, unredacted Mueller report.
Since the coming into operation of the INAI, at least 800 legal challenges were filed against ministries and public institutions over their refusal to comply with access to information requests or providing incomplete data.
The BSP can impose upon any bank, quasi-bank, including their subsidiaries engaged in allied activities, their directors, officers or employees any willful violations of its charter or bylaws, delay in the submission of reports or publications, refusal to permit examination, making false or misleading statement, and willful failure and refusal to comply with any banking law.
They said the finding of the judge that KRA was not a financial institution, which fell within the remit of the union's mandate, was not set out anywhere in KRA's affidavit.The judges added that the taxman did not advance it as a reason for refusal to comply with a directive of the Registrar of Trade Unions on July 22, 2004 urging them to start remitting the deductions.
"If there is refusal to comply with the OSH standards, their inspector is directed to conduct OSH investigations," he said.
It is vital to mention here that IG Islamabad Jan Muhammad was transferred a day earlier after which reports surfaced that IG was transferred upon refusal to comply with orders of a federal minister.
The real obstacle to resolving the conflict and bringing the much-needed peace to Armenian and Azerbaijani people remains unchanged: Armenia's refusal to comply with UNSC resolutions by withdrawing its troops from the illegally occupied territories of Azerbaijan and enabling the expelled population of these territories to return to their homes".
In a statement, the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (Unifil-Migrante-HK) Chairman Dolores Balladares-Pelaez said Bertiz's refusal to comply with airport protocol and harassment of a security personnel should merit a sanction from the leadership of the House of Representatives (HOR).