refusal to obey

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Hearing of your refusal to obey her she looked upon it as a declaration of war, and as she considers you a man of superior talent, and consequently dangerous, she desired me to make sure of you; that is the reason of your being shut up in the Bastile.
A minute previously she was violent; now, supported on one arm, and not noticing my refusal to obey her, she seemed to find childish diversion in pulling the feathers from the rents she had just made, and ranging them on the sheet according to their different species: her mind had strayed to other associations.
Addressing a meeting of heads of localities and villages across Turkey at the presidential palace on Wednesday, Erdoy-an criticized Kocasakal over the latter's refusal to obey the strict security measures set out for lawyers at the ystanbul Courthouse on the grounds that police do not have the legal right to search lawyers in such circumstances.
Hedrick was then tased for resistive and disorderly behavior, as well as refusal to obey commands, the report states.
According to Dabiq, Mohammed was recruited in Neve Yaakov by a Jewish neighbour working for the security services and was given away by his behaviour and his refusal to obey an IS commander.
The Islamic State group has its roots in al-Qaida's Iraqi affiliate but was expelled from the global terror network over its brutal tactics and refusal to obey orders to confine its activities to Iraq.
CarVal's refusal to obey a legal order is unacceptable," said Horst Schulze, Chairman and CEO, Capella Hotel Group.
Confusion, not willful disobedience, is often behind a dog's refusal to obey.
As one of Israel's most famous soldiers, Sharon, whose first name means 'Lion of God', was known for bold tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders.
He said contempt may also mean a refusal to obey a court order, and in a court situation a variety of issues can constitute contempt.
As if it's their natural right to wave their guns in the faces of citizens or hit them with their cars if they fail to carry out those orders; as if any refusal to obey them constitutes an attack on the MP himself.
Although the suspension was tied to his refusal to obey an order by the Rivers Stare branch of the PDP, to reinstate local government chairmen that had been removed from their positions, few would argue that his political differences with President Jonathan are the real reasons for his suspension.